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Our rich global portfolio never lets you down accepting payments irrespective of the geo-restrictions.

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A Customer-centric payment that lets you make your clients experience a world-class interface.

Accept payments via multichannel setup
Fully integrated multi-channel and multi-currency payment options through a single interface.
About Us

CARD PAYMENTZ LIMITED, a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales, with Company Number 13582655 at its registered office 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX.

Your own payment partner to offer multiple payment options through our diverse network of banks globally. Our tech-enabled platform helps e-commerce businesses revolutionize their merchant and banking services with a complete Payment Ecosystem to enter new markets with a calculative approach. Our seamless payment flow with advanced Routing and Cascading methodology help merchants creating an impact on thier user's experience.

Why US?

Pay-ins: Accept payments from your global customer base including but not limited to EEA, APAC, Africa, and LATAM irrespective of the method they use.

Payouts: Settlements to your own account instantly also you can make payouts directly to your users instantly either manually or with an automated API call.

Security and Convenience: Card Paymentz connects merchants and their consumers through convenient and safer payment options. We’re focused on making merchant’s interface secure as well as QUICK and EASY .

Our financial solution has helped online businesses achieve financial independence by optimising the way they do business. The benefit of working with Card Paymentz speaks for itself.

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Accept payments via multichannel setup
Maximize your Customer base

“Reporting that stands out your account”

Generate professional invoices, Calculate your pricing, settlements, reserves—all from one place. Save time with auto-billing, stored information, and powerful reporting tools.

“The Transparency your business deserves”

We cherish our business relations with utmost transparency towards achieving our mutual goal.

Increase approval rates and enjoy freedom from chargebacks with innovative fraud protection.

How We Work

“Team that believes in your ideas! “

We come from a school of thoughts where each business is considered unique from its idea to execution. We act as a catalyst to your business goals with our extensive experience to manage your payment needs and help you stand out from your competitors.

“We serve you the way you run”

Flexible integration for your business that enables your customers pay the way they wish to. We facilitate their transaction experience and ensures the highest level of security standards.

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Services We offer

    Credit Card Processing

“One API to reach your global user base”

Pay-ins: Accept uninterrupted payments from your global customer base irrespective of the payment method they prefer to pay.

Pay-outs: Pay your client’s to their account directly with our instant Pay-out solutions either manually or with an automated API call.

   70+ Alternative Methods

Eliminate Payment barriers by offering your customers their local preferred payment options.

As it's substantial that the marketing trends are challenging the dynamic nature of emerging markets like SEA, Africa, and LATAM where Alternative payment methods (APMs) became a necessity for businesses seeking to grow their business locally or globally.

    Bank-to-Bank Transfers

Access to A2A payments through Open Banking connections covering 300+ Banks in 25+ Countries across EEA for high-risk business.

Instant SEPA  brings greater stability to your business with zero chargebacks and on-time settlements. Also, it helps you achieve a success rate of about 98% creating better user experiences.

Payments Evolution
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Low / Medium Risk

Most e-Commerce merchants are tested to keep the harmony between the increment of income and extortion levels. We see the entirety of the inconvenience to assist with tracking this issue effectively. Our expert methodology helps you with an optimum soot of payments. We are loved by many Online Retails, Travel and Marketing agencies for thier customized paymenty needs.

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Online Gaming

We are a preferred Gateway to many iGaming operators for transforming their payment needs. Our hassle-free onboarding process allows you to receiving deposits and making Payouts to your players across some of the hot regions like EU, SEA, LATAM etc all via a single API connection. Our team of experts with deep industry knowledge build a unique strategy to resolve your financial bariiers with 100+ Payment methods.

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The world of Financial services brings constant changing industry trends and regulations and hence it's critical that your provider shall be able to help identify your risk and mitigate it with time. We guide you from your operating requirements like Licenses to managing high-ticket processing modes so you never feel left behind. Our stable partnership with number of reliable banks globally makes sure a stable processing that never lets you down.

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Online Dating

If you are trying to hail through your Online Dating business you probably know the complexities involved and why traditional banks would find it difficult to offer you a merchant account due to flying chargebacks and associated legal issues. Fortunately, Card Paymentz is here to help you with a remarkable approach to accept payments globally with in-built tools to monitor & analyse your user behaviour helping recognise and prevent Frauds.

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